Saturday, February 11, 2012

Portland Farmer's (Winter) Market

One of my favorite things about living in Portland is the abundance of fresh, good, local food at all times of year. I was tipped off about the Portland Farmer's Market's winter market a few weeks ago and decided to give it a go this weekend and see what we could find! I have a couple produce stands and I frequent in the late spring, summer, and early fall, plus we had our own garden last year. Wintertime farmer's markets are new to me! 

Anyway, we headed downtown today and enjoyed a delicious lunch (tamale for the hubs, market egg sandwich - loaded with delicious mushrooms and greens - for me) and people watching. Aspen snacked between the two of us and then we bought her an apple (that she shared with me) as well. Yum!
We also bought some produce - nothing fancy, but absolutely delicious looking and, of course, 100% local. Apples from Hood River, spinach from Albany, purple potatoes from Salem, carrots (three different varieties) and parsnips from Tillamook, and some pretty amazing dry cured salami from Portland. (We splurged a bit on the salami, but it is absolutely worth it!) I don't have a menu planned for the week, but from the looks of it, we'll be eating a lot of root veggies!

Part of what I hope to do use this blog for is to really develop and learn to articulate my food philosophy. As a family, we have been eating a lot more whole foods than we ever have before, and I am excited to have a place to explore that more.

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