Monday, April 23, 2012

Bad blogger, but I have a good reason!

This blog has been sitting pretty empty lately, so I wanted to stop by to make sure that anyone who is looking for an update knows that updates will be coming ... eventually. I haven't been updating much lately because I haven't been cooking much lately.

I haven't been cooking much lately because I haven't been feeling like eating lately.

I have been feeling like eating lately because the hubs and I are having a baby and I have been plagued with a pretty nasty case of morning (aka all day) sickness. This means our meals have been either a) toast, b) soup, or c) a hodge-podge of whatever things I feel like I can stomach at the moment. My plan is to be updating as soon as my stomach will allow me to spend more than ten minutes in the kitchen.

In the meantime, I appreciate all your patience during this hiatus. :)

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